Phone service call features

This article highlights the various features you can use with your phone service. 

To find out how to use each call feature, follow the link to the 'Talk - Call Feature Guide' PDF at the bottom of the page.

Free features

These features come as standard with your phone package.

1471 – see who's called

Dial 1471 to find out the number of the last person who called you.

Permanent Number Hold

Set your phone to withhold your number whenever you make a call. You'll have the option to override this for individual calls.

Temporary Number Hold

This allows you to withhold your number for one call only.

Features available for an extra charge

You'll need to pay to use the following features. Get in touch with us to add or remove any of them.

You'll find information on charges for these services by following the link below to the 'Phone service charges' page.

1571 Voicemail

With this service, you can dial 1571 to listen to your voicemail messages. You'll hear a different dial tone when there's a message waiting for you.

3 Way Calling

This allows you to speak to two people at the same time on one call.

Anonymous Call Reject

This blocks calls from people who withhold their number.

Call Barring

You can use call barring to control the type of calls you can make or receive from your phone.

For example, you could bar international calls, operator-connected calls, or calls to premium rate numbers.

Call Diversion

Call Diversion lets you direct calls to another number, such as your mobile number or work phone.

Call Minder

Call Minder is a voicemail service that you can personalise with your own message. You can also pick up your messages from any phone using a PIN.

Call Sign

If you ask for Call Sign, we'll give you a second phone number with a different ringtone. You can then give this number to specific people so you'll know they're calling before you answer.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting makes a discreet beep if you're on the phone when someone else is trying to call. You can also put your call on hold whilst you answer another one.

Caller Display

See the number of the person who's calling before you pick up. Your phone will need to have the right kind of display to use this service.

Choose to Refuse

This allows you to prevent up to 10 numbers getting through to your phone. If anyone calls you from a number you block, they'll hear a message saying the call hasn't been accepted.

Reminder Call

With Reminder Call, you can use your phone as an alarm clock and alert service.

Ring Back

If the person you're calling is on a call, Ring Back calls you when the line is free again. You'll have the option to stop others using Ring Back when you're on a call yourself, free of charge.