Removing a Pay As You Go meter

If you have a Pay As You Go meter, we may be able to replace it with a credit meter.

Our credit meters give you more tariffs to choose from. With a credit meter, you can also get our biggest discount when you pay by monthly Direct Debit and choose paperless billing.

There are a few other ways to pay, too – so you've got plenty of options.

Getting us to change your meter

It's easy to arrange for us to change your meter. Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

Before we book an appointment we'll make sure a credit meter is suitable for you. We'll also agree a payment plan that suits you, to help you pay your credit meter bills.

What we'll need to check before we remove your meter

We'll need to make a few checks before we remove your Pay As You Go meter.

We might carry out a credit assessment and review things like your payment history.

You may have used your Pay As You Go meter to pay back a debt. If so, you'll need to have paid the full balance before we'll consider changing your meter.

Changing an electricity token or Smart Card meter

If you've got a token or Smart Card meter, get in touch with us.

We'll arrange to install a new key meter for you, free of charge.

Why we need to update this type of meter

You could be paying older (and lower) prices if you've got an electricity token or Smart Card meter. This will continue until we manually adjust it.

However, you'll need to pay the new prices from when they changed – not from when we adjust the meter.

It may be that we haven't adjusted your meter for a while. If so, you could see quite a jump in the price you pay for electricity.

Advantages of a key meter

We're replacing token and Smart Card meters with modern key meters. This is to avoid any problems in the future.

Key meters are more reliable and easier to use. We can also update them electronically when prices change.

You can charge your new key at thousands of PayPoint sites across the UK or at the Post Office.