Emergency credit for Pay As You Go meters

If you've run out of credit on your Pay As You Go meter, don't panic. We'll lend you £5 emergency credit to keep you going until you top up.

You can use your emergency credit once your prepaid credit gets down to 50p or below.

When you next top up, you'll need to buy enough credit to cover the emergency credit you've used. It'll also need to cover your everyday energy use and any repayments you're making.

How to use emergency credit on your electricity meter

To start using your emergency credit, insert (or take out and re-insert) your key into the meter.

The display on your meter will change to show the letter 'e' when you're using emergency credit. It'll also show how much emergency credit you've got left.

You'll need to top up to return to normal use. To find out the smallest amount you'll need to top up, press the blue button on your meter once. 

How to use emergency credit on your gas meter

To use your emergency credit, insert your gas card into the meter.

You'll then have the option to use emergency credit. You can accept it by pressing the red button 'A'.

You'll need to charge your card to return to normal use. To see how much energy you've used, remove the card and press and release the red button 'A'.

When you're away from home

When you go away, you'll need to check you've got enough credit to last until you get back.

If you run out of credit, there'll be nobody around to start the emergency credit, so your supply will stop.