Debt assignment protocol

It's important to us that when you choose to switch energy supplier, that you're able to do so with minimum fuss. We have worked together with the industry to help Pay As You Go customers with a debt of up to £500 to switch supplier more easily in order to help find the best tariff for them.

This transfer option is known as the Debt Assignment Protocol. It is subject to terms and conditions and is not guaranteed.

Next Steps

If you've chosen to join us but are currently repaying any arrears via your Pay As You Go meter, then your current supplier will object to the transfer if the amount is more than £500. Consequently, we will not be able to take you on as our customer.

If you are repaying arrears of less than £500 then we can proceed using the Debt Assignment Protocol transfer option.

We will request your current supplier transfers your outstanding balance to us so you can continue to make repayments after you switch to us. Your supplier will give us details of your debt and any repayments you are making.

The switching process usually takes three weeks and we will keep you informed every step of the way. We will make sure that you receive a pack which includes a copy of your contract along with our terms and conditions.

During the transfer we will contact you to discuss your outstanding balance and affordable weekly repayments. We will inform you when your supply is due to start and once your outstanding balance has been successfully transferred to us. If anything prevents the transfer then we will ensure that you are notified.