Annual Energy Review

By getting an Annual Energy Review, you can check you're getting our best possible deal.

We might also be able to show you how you could save energy.

What we can do to help

Energy tariff review

We'll help you choose the best deal for your needs and lifestyle. This could help lower your energy bills.

Payment review

We'll take a look at your energy use to check you're paying the right amount. We can then change your payments if needed.

If you switch to paying by monthly Direct Debit, you could save even more.

Energy efficiency review

We'll ask you a few questions and give you advice on how to reduce your energy use.

Extra help if you need it

We can check to see if you qualify for extra help under the Warm Home Discount scheme (subject to availability).

How to book an Annual Energy Review

Get in touch with us on 0345 070 8742 to arrange your Annual Energy Review.

We'll need a few bits of information when you call. Please have to hand your customer account number (or house number and postcode), your latest meter reading, and details of any benefits and pensions you receive.