Warm Home Discount scheme

The Warm Home Discount is a Government scheme that offers financial assistance to people most in need of help paying their energy bills.


The Warm Home Discount Scheme is now closed for applications

Thank you for your interest in the 2016/17 Warm Home Discount scheme. Unfortunately we’ve reached our maximum number of applications for this year’s scheme and we are not accepting any more applications.
We’ve received a lot of applications and are working through these as quickly as possible. If you’ve already applied and are successful you’ll receive your discount before the 31 May 2017. A number of applicants will be asked to provide proof of their benefits or income. Please note if you do not provide the proof requested, we’ll not be able to pay you the discount.

How will I know if I've been successful?

If you're successful we'll write to you to confirm this. Then you’ll receive a one-off payment which you will see on your statement or bill. If you’re a prepayment customer we will write to you telling you how to pick up the credit when you next top up your meter.

How do I apply for the Warm Home Discount Scheme next year?

Details of the 2017/18 Warm Home Discount Scheme aren’t yet finalised but in the meantime you can note your interest in the scheme and request a form be sent when it opens. Please complete the form to register your interest for when the scheme opens. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us for a while as the scheme will not open until the summer.

Am I eligible for the discount?

The scheme is open to two types of households – the 'Core' group and the 'Broader' group. 
If you're in the Core group you'll get the Warm Home Discount automatically. You are in this group if you or your partner are the named electricity account holder and receive either of the following:
  • The Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit only (not just the State Pension).
  • The Guarantee Credit element and the Savings Credit element of Pension Credit.

If you’re in the Broader group, you can apply for it if you meet the qualifying criteria. The details to see if you are eligible will be released when the 2017/2018 applications open.

Other ways we can help you

If you’re struggling to pay for your energy, please let us know, there may be other ways we can help. We can also give you energy saving tips that could save you money. To find out more visit sse.co.uk/beinggreen or call us on 0345 076 7638. You can talk to one of our team, between 8am to 8pm Mon to Fri, and 8am to 2pm on Sat.

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