Free helpful adaptors for your home

If you have a health condition such as sight loss, problems getting around, or difficulty gripping objects, there might be a few things around the house that you need to do differently.

To help with this, we can give you the following controls and adaptors for free if you're an SSE customer.

Pull plugs for electrical sockets

Plug pulls have a looped handle that you can grip with your whole hand.

These can make it easier to pull electrical plugs out of sockets if you've got a weak grip or arthritis.

Contour turners

Contour turners are 'T' shaped devices that help you turn knobs on appliances and doors.

You just need to push the circular end of the contour turner against the knob you want to turn. The pins on the device will then fit around the knob and grip onto it making it easier for you to turn the knob.


Bumpons are raised plastic dots that you can stick to items to help you identify them by touch.

You can use bumpons on things like oven controls, central heating controls, boiler controls, thermostats, washing machines, dishwashers, keys, remote controls and keyboards. 

Magnifying strips

You can use a magnifying strip to help you read text on paper.

The one we can give you looks like a long bar or ruler.

How to get these items

If you'd like us to send you any of these controls or adaptors for free, contact our Careline team on 0800 622 838.

We're available 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Priority Services Register

When you get in touch with us we can also add your details to the Priority Services Register (PSR). This gives you access to a wide range of extra services.

For instance, we can send you bills and other communications in a format that suits you and you can choose a friend or family member to manage your SSE accounts for you.

We also offer a free, direct phone number for you to call if you need to speak to us and we can help you read your meter if you can't access it easily. Plus you can set up a password for us to use when we visit you.

If you agree, we'll also pass your details to your local network operator so they can support you if there are problems with your power supply.