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Is there a heated conservatory separated to the main house by an exterior quality door?

Double glazing

Is the conservatory double glazed?

Double glazing windows

Does the property have double or triple glazing?

Boiler Age

When was the boiler installed?


Does the heating system supply radiators or underfloor heating?

Secondary heating

Is there a secondary heating system present?

Cylinder present

Is there a hot water cylinder?

Cylinder thermostat

Is there a thermostat on the hot water cylinder?

Solar panel

Is there a solar panel for heating water?

Photovoltaic panels

Are there photovoltaic panels for generating electricity?

PV area percent

What percent of the total roof area is photovoltaic panels?

Wind turbine

Is there a wind turbine for generating electricity?

Electricity meter type

What type of electricity meter is fitted to your home?