Introducing your Smart Energy Tracker

Smart Energy Tracker

When we install your smart meter(s), we'll also give you a Smart Energy Tracker if you'd like one. It's a handy little device that connects to your meter(s) and shows you information about your energy use.

The tracker is easy to use. Our engineer will talk you through how to use it after they've installed your smart meter(s).


How your Smart Energy Tracker works

Your Smart Energy Tracker takes information from your smart meter(s) every half-hour for gas, and every 10 seconds for electricity. It uses this to give you details about your energy use.

The tracker is portable, so you can carry it around your home and see how your energy use changes as you switch appliances on and off.

How your tracker will help you

Your Smart Energy Tracker uses information from your smart meter to help you:

  • Keep track of how much you’re spending
  • See your energy usage in pounds and pence
  • Find out where you can make savings
  • Set energy use targets for your household
  • See how you’re performing against your targets

Setting up your tracker

If you've chosen to have a tracker, our engineer will set it up for you after they've installed your smart meter(s). That said, if we've posted the tracker to you, you'll need to follow a few steps to set it up.

To set up your Smart Energy Tracker:  

  • Pop the battery in
  • Plug in the mains adaptor
  • Give us a call on 0345 071 3991 and we'll connect it to your smart meter(s) remotely. It uses a wireless connection, so there are no cables for you to worry about.

Smart Energy Tracker features and controls

Smart Energy Tracker features and controls
  1. Colour display – This shows you information about your energy use, which is taken from your smart meter(s).
  2. OK button – Press and hold this button to switch on. You can also use it to confirm your choices when you’re scrolling through the menus.
  3. Up, down, back buttons – You can use these buttons to work your way through the different menus.
  4. Usage light – You can see how you’re doing against your energy use targets through the usage light. It glows green, amber or red to let you know whether you’re on track.
  5. Battery cover – You can remove the cover if you need replace the battery.
  6. Charging point – You’ll get a USB power adaptor with your Smart Energy Tracker. Plug this in here to charge up the battery.

Learn more about using your Smart Energy Tracker

You can get so much more from your smart meter and Smart Energy Tracker with our helpful video guide.

Learn how to:

  • View how much energy you're using
  • See what you're spending
  • Set targets for your energy usage
  • And much more
You can find out more about your Smart Energy Tracker by downloading our quick start guide or full user guide.