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    Check out the latest news stories from Scottish Hydro.

    Go paperless

    Look after the environment, save paper and save an extra £12 a year off your energy*.

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    UK's best for Customer Service

    SSE is a trading name of SSE Energy Supply Limited, voted Best for Customer Service every year since 2006 in the uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Reports.

  • Ask us for a helping hand

    Thanks to our new community project Community at Heart, your organisation, charity or group can now ‘borrow’ a team of hands, minds, ideas or skills for a whole day - completely free of charge.

    Welcome to Greenwatt Way

    In a ground-breaking research project named 'Greenwatt Way' we have worked with a team of partners to build 10 zero carbon homes in Slough, Berkshire. Find out how we're preparing for the future.